Read below for what our Sensational Parents have to say about us!

Occupational Therapy:


My son has made more progress than I ever hoped he would. Not only has he developed a deep bond with his therapist, but he has also gained self-confidence and pride in knowing that he can do the things that he could not do before. All the staff at Sensational Kids is very dedicated, caring and knowledgeable and are a huge asset to the field of Occupational therapy, as well as a gift to parents who are looking for solid answers, help and guidance. I could never be happier as the parent of an autistic child than I am with the level of care and commitment that Sensational Kids has shown again and again to my son and our family. - Audrey Mariani, Marlton, NJ

My daughter looks forward to her sessions each week. She thinks it is playtime but she is working very hard. It really shows! We are learning together. Sensational kids and I work as a team to provide the best for her! - Marianna Fox

I really appreciate how motivating the therapist is and my daughter really responds well to her energy and positive attitude. - Sara Lilja, Moorestown NJ

Sensational Kids provides a comfortable and nurturing environment. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. My son always looks forward to his sessions and I am excited about the progress he makes. The variety of equipment and resources makes each session interesting and fun. - Colleen, Mt Laurel, NJ

I have been extremely pleased with the OT services my son has received from Sensational Kids. The therapist has been absolutely wonderful working with him. The therapists really care about the children they serve and want them to succeed. I would and do highly recommend Sensational Kids. - Terri, Laurel Springs, NJ

The therapist that works with my child at Sensational Kids is excellent! My child has made significant progress in his overall development. My son loves coming to Sensational Kids as well! -Sandy, Williamstown, NJ

My son s therapist at Sensational Kids is loving, warm and playful, as well as skillful, talented and experienced. These attributes helped my son be motivated and feel secure during his therapy sessions, and has taken my son to new heights I thought he might not achieve. I feel great about my son s progress. - Laurie, Robbinsville, NJ

Are we going to Sensational Kids today Is what my guys always ask. Can anything compare to that My boys love their therapist because they learn new things every session and are so proud of themselves! My boys therapist is so energetic and happy all of the time and I am confident that my boys will improve their fine motor skills because of the attention and assistance they receive here. I d be more than happy to assist any parent when contemplating an Occupational therapist for their child. All the staff at Sensational Kids have been wonderful my kids keep smiling! - Susan Ambrose, Moorestown, NJ




Sensory Integration:

The sessions at Sensational Kids has brought my daughter out of her shell . She now has more confidence in everyday activities. We love our therapist at Sensational Kids! - Diana, Mt Laurel, NJ

The therapists here are Sensational! My therapist diagnosed my child s opportunities and put a plan in place that is getting results. - Parent from Voorhees, NJ

I am so thankful we found Sensational Kids. The therapists here are so experienced. They know how to quickly monitor and adjust to my son s needs. My son s improvement has been wonderful. We saw a new child emerge. His self-confidence has increased dramatically. Our therapist has pushed my son through some difficult transitions and helped us in ways we could never have expected. The work here that they do is so important, appreciated and valued more than words can express. Thank you for the great work and keep it up! - Christine, Sicklerville, NJ

Sensational Kids new facility invites your child in for a session of pure sensory magic. From swings to finger paints it enhances your child s mind and meets their needs. I see the room through my children s eyes and they just love all that they can do and are always asking when they can go back. The Therapist at Sensational Kids work hard with both of our children. They know how to get them to shine. They help our children to learn new and exciting ways to improve in all aspects of being a kid. They keep us up to date on new ways of helping our children. We just love Sensational Kids. - C.A.L., Runnemede, NJ

My therapist at Sensational Kids is a wonderful OT. She is very creative with her interactions with my daughter. My daughter has become much more aware of her surroundings and is attempting to use her hands for more purposeful activities. - Lisa, Marlton, NJ

My son has been at Sensational Kids for over a year. The therapists are wonderful and they look at a child s individual profile . They use the best therapeutic method depending on the child s need. They work in a non-invasive way and make a child feel proud and successful at every task. I wouldn t have my child seen by anyone else. - Denise Gladis from Laurel Springs, NJ

Sensational Kids provides a highly professional and caring environment for my son to work in. They offer a huge assortment of the latest therapeutic games and exercises in every session. My son looks forward to his time with his therapist who has been able to reach my son and really get him to perform to his best abilities. - Parent from Cherry Hill, NJ

My therapist continually consults with me, provides support network information and provides creative ideas to incorporate at home. She has been very helpful in providing feedback to school personnel as to how to support him within the classroom. - Sandy, Williamstown, NJ




I highly recommend Sensational Kids! Remarkable improvement in my son's handwriting and self-confidence -- immediately! Sound, practical techniques and modifications make a tremendous difference. My child s Occupational Therapist s expertise and knowledge are amazing! Wonderful, specific guidance provided and carried over into my son's classroom resulting in dramatic change. Techniques and modifications are appreciated and implemented by his classroom teachers. Fun, enjoyable atmosphere and staff at Sensational Kids. My son looks forward to going to "play" at the "Playhouse!" - Michelle Bourbon

My son s handwriting was very messy and his frustration in forming letters caused difficulties in school. After sessions at Sensational Kids he is able to correctly form his words and he no longer gets poor marks in his schoolwork. The best result of his work with his therapist is his positive attitude towards writing. He is now proud to bring home his schoolwork and put it on the refrigerator. - C.S., Voorhees, NJ

My son used to avoid doing homework and all writing was such a struggle. After just a few sessions at Sensational Kids I could see a marked improvement in the quality of his writing as well as in his self confidence. He also became more willing to sit down to do written work and homework did not take so long anymore. Even my son s teacher commented on his progress! - Parent from Mount Laurel, NJ

We have tried many things to improve my child s writing. Finally we found a place where the therapists are experienced, energetic and engaging. My child used to resist participating in therapy sessions before we found Sensational Kids. He now loves coming because his therapist knows just how to get him motivated. - Parent from Medford, NJ

I used to not know how to help my child with writing but his therapist makes the complex understandable and showed me how! - Parent from Cherry Hill, NJ



Therapeutic Listening:

My Son, Ryan responded extremely well to Therapeutic Listening at the onset of his program. He instantly began to speak more clearly and in longer sentences and was better able to handle the typical stresses of his everyday life. When we began the program at home, he was more alert and focused, better able to complete table top activities and follow the routine of our home. He also began to sleep better and ate a few new foods within the first few weeks. We are very, very pleased with the progress that Ryan made with the Therapeutic Listening program! - Audrey Mariani, Marlton, NJ

Stephen started at Sensational Kids with a lot of sensory issues. He used to be sensitive to noises and also had significant language delays. His therapist suggested Therapeutic Listening to help with his sensory processing and language delay issues. He at first did not tolerate the headphones, but progressively was able to after just a few sessions and a few tricks implemented by his therapist. He is now on his third CD and keeps the headphones on without any resistance. I am amazed at the difference in my son since starting Therapeutic Listening. He is now starting to imitate words and is more attentive to different tasks. I am excited to continue on with this program and can t wait to see how Stephen changes in the future. - Elizabeth Lentz, Audubon, NJ

At last, a program that makes available the benefits of auditory integration training without turning the child's (and parent's) world upside down. I started doing Therapeutic Listening with my 6 year-old son Jimmy over the summer and the changes in his behavior have been nothing short of remarkable. Jimmy is now more aware of his environment, engages in more imaginative play with his toys and is far more tolerant of situations that used to send him into meltdowns. He is better able to calm himself and regulate his behavior. This has led to growth and development on his part that I could not have imagined six months ago. Jimmy recently had to transition into a new school for first grade (with new teachers & aides), and I believe the Listening Program had a large part in making this transition less stressful for Jimmy. The Therapeutic Listening program is affordable and easy for parents to implement as part of their child's therapy routine. I even took the discs with us on vacation and found the schedule easy to keep. The Therapeutic Listening program is tailored to each child's needs and the results are immediate: Jimmy, who is tense and hyperactive, actually relaxed during his first session. I would highly recommend Therapeutic Listening to any parent looking to supplement their child's therapy without breaking the bank. - Debbie C.



SOS Feeding Program:

I have been bringing my son to Sensational Kids for around 4 months. He showed signs of numerous S.I. issues. Since working with our therapist, he has improved greatly in many areas. The greatest improvement has been his eating habits. The SOS feeding program that our therapist uses has done wonders for his eating issues. He is much more interested in trying new foods and leaning that he actually likes most of them! Since coming to Sensational Kids, my son has also gotten over the hump of potty training. This had been a great challenge to us, but now it is a part of his everyday routine. I highly recommend Sensational Kids. - Jay, Cherry Hill, NJ



Behavior Therapy:

My son has been receiving behavioral therapy for four months at Sensational Kids. His play skills and communication have improved, along with shared attention and engagement. He has made great progress mostly because he likes his therapist. She makes him feel important, secure, and smart. They really have fun together, and his therapist has really been there for me too. She is always only a phone call away and she has helped and enlighten me so much. She is always positive and makes me feel hopeful for my son. I am so glad to have someone so caring and helpful working with my son. She is a mom too, and she really loves and cares about the kids, as she would her own. My son and I just think she is great. - Kim Gramaglia, Mullica Hill, NJ



Speech Therapy:

Our son has received speech therapy since he was diagnosed Autistic at the age of 2. We have had many speech therapies throughout the years and could did not find the right fit until now. Sensational Kids have an awesome Speech Therapy Department. Our son is doing much more now than he ever has and we are so thrilled with the progress that Sensational Kids has made for our son and our family. - Ray and Cheryl


Summer Camp:

This is a wonderful camp run by knowledgeable, caring staff. Overall, a great experience for my child (and me!) - Stephanie, Marlton.

My daughter said the favorite thing she did this past summer was go to Sensational Kids! - Sara Lilja, Moorestown, NJ

My son attended the Sensational Kids Summer Camp and it was incredible! He enjoyed it and we saw so much progress that we are looking forward to the next summer. - Terri, Laurel Springs, NJ

My four year old son had lots of sensory issues and many tantrums throughout the day. I had him to several therapists with no results and didn't know where to turn. After attending the six week summer camp we saw a tremendous improvement. Mornings are no longer filled with crying over uncomfortable shirts or socks and no more explosions over "sticky" or "dirty" hands. We are able to manage his tantrums through the behavioral modifications we learned at Sensational Kids. - Mom from Moorestown, NJ


Social Skills Group:

I am confident that his tremendous progress is solely due to your dedication and care. - Parent from Haddonfield, NJ

My son loves coming to Sensational Kids and loves being with his friends there. The facility is beautiful and so child friendly. The therapists at Sensational Kids are experienced and know just how to motivate my child when he does not want to participate. He always loves coming back and I appreciate the feedback and additional consultation provided regarding how I can better help him succeed. - Parent from Mount Laurel, NJ

I highly recommend this fun place! The difference is experienced Therapists who knows how to help a child with Sensory issues, behavior issues as well as difficulty following directions. The activities selected are fun, helps him connect with other children, all while also addressing the difficulties he has with holding a crayon and cutting. We love coming to Sensational Kids! - Parent from Cherry Hill, NJ




School In Services:

Thank you so much for presenting a workshop on Sensory Integration last Thursday. The staff has been raving about the way in which the information was presented and about how much they learned in a short time. So much of the workshop was relevant that the teachers came away feeling empowered by your talk. Your wealth of knowledge is impressive and your enthusiasm is to be commended. We will certainly consider referring students to you and Sensational Kids when necessary in the future. Roselee Dedelheim, Early Childhood Director Congregation Beth El

We just wanted to say Thank You for a wonderful in-service experience! The staff took so much away from it and enjoyed their time spent with you. I really believe we will use all of the techniques you gave us to help our children. We will for sure send families to you! Thanks again! - Jayme & Natalie, Chesterbrook Academy, Marlton, NJ

The staff at Sensational Kids is just wonderful. They make you feel like you are a friend visiting, while sitting in their comfortable waiting area. Siblings also have their own little area of fun. - C.A.L, Runnemede, NJ

Great waiting room which any sibling would love to play in! - Parent from Cherry Hill, NJ

As a teacher, I am always looking for more ways to reach and engage my students. The workshops done by Sensational Kids are fantastic! I was amazed at how much information I was able to learn from a single workshop and how easy it was to implement some of the ideas shown into my own classroom. The information I learned has been priceless and I love that I have more "tools" in my teaching toolbox to help my students. Thank you Sensational Kids! - Elissa Mannion, Teacher

Here at Tomorrow's Hope we have used Sensational KIds to train our staff and we have offered classes for our parents. It is such great information everyone walks away with a better understanding of their kids (and often themselves!) We look forward to using them again in the near future. - Heather Mandala, Director, Tomorrow's Hope Preschool

The therapists from Sensational Kids have helped increase my staff's awareness of Sensory Processing Disorder and the challenges it can present for children enrolled in a larger mainstream learning environment. My teaching staff has implemented several strategies and made some minor adjustments that are making huge differences in their ability to successfully manage a classroom with challenging behaviors. The support and guidance of the Sensational Kids staff has resulted in a more peaceful and less stressful environment for both teachers and students. - Pam Cossaboon, Owner, Laurel Tree Academy, Mt. Laurel

Sensational Kids is an outstanding program that supports the development of essential skills necessary for sucess in early childhood programs. Both fine and gross motor skills are addressed in an attentive and supportive manner. We are delighted with the progress our students have made under the guidance of the skilled staff. - Lynne Rednik, M. Ed. Director of Early Childhood Education Congregation M'kor Shalom Cherry Hill